Our practical tools diagnose and help leaders address organisational issues in a highly efficient and accessible way.

Using these tools leaders can identify actions needed to make their organisation more sustainable and high performing.

Available tools:

  • The Sustainable Leadership Pyramid (SLP)
  • The Sustainable Leadership Survey (SLS)
  • The Prescriptive Accountability Model (PAM)
  • The Leadership Paradigms Questionnaire (LPQ)

Assessing your organisation

The Sustainable Leadership Pyramid provides an evidence-based framework that guides managers and practitioners in identifying and ensuring that they adopt practices that benefit their firm’s performance and resilience on 5 key performance outcomes. This framework forms the basis of our Strategic Assessment that reveals how sustainable an enterprise is.

The Sustainable Leadership Survey assesses organisations on each of the 23 leadership practices outlined in the Sustainable Leadership Pyramid and identifies gaps as perceived by different stakeholder groups. For example, the top team may well experience leadership practices differently from middle managers and those on the front line.

The Prescriptive Accountability Model is a tree diagram that aids in determining appropriate responses to complex ethical and other accountability issues.

The Leadership Paradigms Questionnaire identifies and describes the leadership culture in an organisation, department or team as seen by different groups. Leadership culture is core to a sustainable enterprise. The Leadership Paradigms Questionnaire distinguishes between four kinds of leadership: classical, transactional, visionary and organic cultures.


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