Our practical tools diagnose and help remedy organisational problems. All our tools communicate complex information in a highly efficient and accessible way.
With these tools leaders see the gaps that require action to make their organisation more sustainable and high performing.

Available tools:

Tools in development:

  • The Integrative Leadership Model (ILM)
  • The Leadership Style Determinant Model (LSDM)


Assessing your organisation

The Sustainable Leadership Pyramid provides a framework that guides managers and practitioners in identifying and ensuring that they adopt practices that demonstrably benefit their firm’s performance and resilience on 5 key performance outcomes.

The Sustainable Leadership Questionnaire assesses organisations on each of the 23 leadership practices outlined in the SLP and identifies gaps.

The Prescriptive Accountability Model is a tree diagram that aids in determining appropriate responses to complex ethical and other accountability issues.

For a detailed explanation of these tools and frameworks read our book Diagnosing Sustainable and High-Performance Leadership: Frameworks and Applications available on our web site, or contact us.



Contact us if you are an experienced consultant interested in becoming licensed to use these tools.