We have many years of experience in corporate training, both online and in person.

We deliver online courses and forums for organisations wanting to:

Attract and retain staff in a tight labour market

Help their teams bond after working from home for so long

Bring together a workforce based in different locations on a regular basis

Hone a range of your employees’ management and leadership skills

Stimulate innovation in how business is done

Raise productivity

Improve morale and motivation

Talent attraction & retention 


We offer our signature courses for your leadership or executive team to take their skills in sustainable leadership to the next level.
We provide micro courses on a range of topics to grow your future leaders.
We can develop customised courses for your special groups.

These courses can be completed over a few weeks at the participants’ own pace. The content is entirely online with regular live discussions that can be tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Prices begin at AUS$550 per person. Bulk discounts are available for our micro courses.

Contact us for details