This privacy policy explains what information we gather and hold about you and how you can advise us if you want your information changed or removed.

We use administrative, electronic and physical security measures to ensure the information we collect about you is protected from access by unauthorised persons and protected against unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction and damage.

“We” and “us” means the two co-directors of ISL and a trusted contractor, Usable websites (based in Australia) who assists us with our web site, marketing and event preparation.
Usable websites has signed a confidentiality agreement with ISL.

Why, where and how we collect your personal information

We gather and keep personal information about you for our legitimate interests and to provide you with information about our activities.

We collect personal information about you:

– When you email us

We keep your name and email address to respond to your enquiry.
This is held on an individual computer belonging to ISL.
We may keep these details for reference purposes only.

– When you fill in a form on our website

We gather the information given by you on the form. (Comprising your name, title, email address, organisation, country)
By completing the form, you have given us consent to use the information you give us to send you an email newsletter.
Your information is kept on a database hosted by Mailchimp (, a newsletter sending service.

If you have selected to receive email newsletters from us then your name, title, email address, organisation, country and date you completed the form are kept on the Mailchimp database so that we can send you these newsletters.

We do not pass this information onto anyone else.

– When you open or click on any email newsletters we send you

Information about when you opened the newsletter, the location of your internet service provider (country only) and the links you clicked on are recorded by Mailchimp to give us information on what you found interesting or useful.
This data is accessed only by us via the Mailchimp database and is not downloaded or kept anywhere else or given to anyone else.

– When you register interest in attending one of our events – conferences, seminars or study tours

We hold the information you give us for this event only to contact you about the event.
We note in Mailchimp which conference you have attended.

You may provide us with sensitive information about your health, mobility or dietary needs for the purposes of enhancing your experience at our events. This information will be shared with the event venue and is only used for this purpose, and will be deleted 10 months after the event takes place.

If you submit a paper for presentation at one of our events, you will register on the Conftool submission system ( They are based in Germany.
The data held here is only accessible by us, and for the purposes of managing the papers and your attendance at the event.
The suppliers of Conftool may see your data if they need to fix a problem in the system and they need to access the system to view the problem.

The contract signed with Conftool includes a confidentiality agreement.
10 months after the event, all the data is deleted from Conftool.

We export this data and keep a .csv file as a record of the event to help us plan for future events.

Other information

We don’t collect any information as a result of you following us or posting comments on Twitter or LinkedIn.

We don’t collect information about how you use our web site. We do not use cookies.

If you buy a book from Book Depository store, via a link on our web site, then they will collect information about you – see their privacy policy at:
We receive purchase figures from them, but no personal identifying details.

To change or remove your information

You can unsubscribe yourself at any time from our newsletters by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.
If you want to find out what data we hold about you or want to make changes or remove it, please contact us.

Last updated: 8 January, 2019.