One of the key goals at ISL is to share our knowledge of Sustainable Leadership with both executive managers and researchers.

We do this in a number of ways:

In our Virtual Classroom we offer online courses in Sustainable Leadership. They are designed to help managers and advisors create high-performing and resilient enterprises while caring for the planet and its inhabitants.

Our tailored courses, micro courses and mini capsules are developed from our own research and global best practice.

Learn at your own pace online while connecting with your peers.

Our immersive study tours provide the opportunity to connect with fellow managers and professionals and together engage with senior executives from sustainable “Honeybee” organisations.

Since 1999, we have taken Australian, New Zealand and Asian managers to meet and ask deep-level questions with executives from best practice organisations, including “hidden champions” based in Germany and Switzerland.

ISL conferences provide a valuable forum for researchers and practitioners to come together to discuss the latest developments in sustainable leadership.

Our conferences are kept small so people can attend all sessions, get to know one another and discuss issues in a convivial atmosphere.

Bringing managers and researchers together enables us to learn from each other and ensure that we all work towards a sustainable future.

As well as providing training, ISL has conducted its own research into contemporary leadership and management issues for over 25 years.

We love to share and discuss our findings. As a course attendee you get the opportunity to meet online with course leaders, as well as to stay up-to-date by using the resources of our members’ area. You can read about the latest burgeoning issues in our hot topics series.