Build your expertise in Sustainable Leadership. Become certified and then licensed to practise through our online courses:

  1. Foundations in Sustainable Leadership (certification)
  2. Senior Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership (senior certification)
  3. Advanced Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership (licensing)

Our courses will enable you to:

  • add to your professional skill-set in Sustainable Leadership
  • make your own team more sustainable

  • change your career direction by becoming a licensed consultant

Sustainable Leadership Pathway consists of 3 steps as outlined below

Step 1

Certified Practitioner

Foundations in Sustainable Leadership

Our introductory course in Sustainable Leadership:

  • ensures that you understand Sustainable Leadership practices.
  • readies you to apply Sustainable Leadership within your team or department.
  • is for managers, business owners, change agents, entrepreneurs.
  • can be taken by entire teams.
  • provides a broad understanding of Sustainable Leadership practices and outcomes.
  • enables you to move on to becoming a Level-2 Senior Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership.
  • offers certification in Sustainable Leadership.

Step 2

Senior Certification

Senior Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership

Our Senior Practitioner course:

  • builds on the Foundations in Sustainable Leadership course.
  • expands your skills in applying Sustainable Leadership practices in organisations.
  • deepens your ability to understand and implement Sustainable Leadership practices.
  • enables you to transform your team or organisation towards more sustainable practices.
  • offers Senior Certification in Sustainable Leadership.
  • makes you eligible to become licensed through the Advanced Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership course.

Step 3

Licensed Practitioner

Advanced Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership

Our advanced course focuses on Sustainable Leadership in practice:

  • build on your knowledge from the Foundation and Senior Practitioner courses.
  • deepen your understanding of how to assess Sustainable Leadership practices.
  • gain practical experience in using our advanced tools and techniques.
  • work towards licensing as an Advanced Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership.
  • be able to consult using ISL’s advanced tools and frameworks.
  • broaden your skillset as a consultant, change agent, trainer, facilitator, or manager.
  • be integrated into the ISL community.


Step 1:  Foundations in Sustainable Leadership (Certified Practitioner)

Our online Certification course, Foundations in Sustainable Leadership, enables you to reach a solid level of understanding and knowledge of Sustainable Leadership.

Sustainable Leadership enables your organisation to achieve high performance while caring for people and the planet.

View the course learnings in detail ->

What do you have to do for Foundation-level certification?

  • Complete the (online) classes and pass the short quizzes for each module.
  • Read the set materials and engage in the recommended learning activities.
  • Pass an applied test on understanding Sustainable Leadership at the end.
  • Maintain a reflection log that you fill out at least weekly with details of your learning journey.

In recognition of this achievement, you become certified as a Foundation-level Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership.

Interested and need funding approval? Here’s our funding info pack.

Step 2: Senior Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership (Senior Certification)

In the Senior Practitioner course, you deepen your knowledge and understanding of Sustainable Leadership practices. This enables you to guide your own team or organisation in practising Sustainable Leadership. The cases and examples bring to life the way that Honeybee organisations apply the 23 evidence-based  practices.

Completion of this online applied course results in a Senior Practitioner Level of certification.

What do you need to do to become a Senior Practitioner?

1. Complete one introductory and 3 online learning modules about the 23 practices.

2. Pass quizzes based on case studies of real organisations at the end of each learning module.

3. Maintain your reflection log.

4. Complete a final quiz.

Step 3:  Advanced Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership (Licensing)

As an Advanced Practitioner, you are a vital part of the Institute for Sustainable Leadership. You will contribute to the Institute’s future teaching, consulting and research activities. As a licensed Advanced Practitioner, you will be able to use our tools and frameworks in advising other leaders on how to make their businesses more sustainable.

Access to the Advanced Practitioner course is by invitation. This ensures that people with the right experience, intentions and values become licensed with us. Applicants from different backgrounds are most welcome to apply to join this specialised course in Sustainable Leadership.

About this course

Once you are selected onto the course, you will:

  • maintain your reflection log.
  • complete online coursework on using ISL’s tools and processes.
  • apply our tools to a test organisation and write a report about it.
  • choose an organisation and obtain their written consent to act as your real client.
  • conduct a guided case study/strategic review of the client organisation.
  • assess your client using desk research and ISL’s tools, including our questionnaire (we produce one basic report for this purpose for you free of charge).
  • draft a professional-standard report based your assessment of your client’s leadership for review.
  • run a practice session presenting your results to the ISL community for feedback before presenting to your client.
  • submit the final report and your reflection log at the end of the course for graduation.

We recognise your achievement with

  • a 3-year licence to practise Sustainable Leadership using ISL’s materials and advanced tools.
  • the right to use the ISL Seal for Licensed Practitioners.
  • waiving the licensing fee for the first year.
  • adding you into our consultant directory.
  • inviting you to ISL events.

Benefits of becoming a licensed practitioner with ISL

• use of the accreditation signature mark
• involvement in a community of like-minded professionals

• priority access to ongoing research and IP to support your sustainable business development
• opportunity to inform and support the direction of sustainable business models

• access to ISL’s expertise for your clients
• mentoring/advising available to you as you work with clients

• availability of the ISL Founders to help you win projects or make presentations to Boards/corporate executive teams
• expert training and train-the-trainer services