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Our licensed consultants would be delighted to engage with you on your journey towards Sustainable Leadership.

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We run training programs for you to get certified in Sustainable Leadership and to build up and become a licensed practitioner.

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We advise and support executives and practitioners in implementing Sustainable “Honeybee” Leadership practices in their enterprises through a network of trained consultants by:

  • conducting a strategic review using available documentation and benchmarking

  • assessing current practices using the Sustainable Leadership Questionnaire (SLQ)

  • identifying gaps in the sustainable practices

  • advising on how to address these gaps

In doing so, we not only draw upon research evidence but also on experiences from leading organisations around the world.

The SLQ and our other practical tools available to diagnose and help address organisational issues are designed to communicate complex information in a highly accessible manner.

You can see what this journey might look like by having a look at our Tools & Frameworks page, and in particular our slideshow on Becoming a Honeybee Organisation.