We develop practical tools, online courses and advisory programs to help organisations implement Sustainable Leadership.

Make a difference using Sustainable Leadership

Our customised online courses, micro courses and mini capsules are developed from our own research and global best practice.

We offer corporate training and individual classes for participants to learn at their own pace, while connecting with fellow professionals.

We provide practical frameworks and tools for you and your team to assess how sustainable your current practices are.

We love to share the latest research and practice news and applications with course participants during our online Q&A sessions and member offerings.

Get professional advice and support on implementing Sustainable Leadership practices in your business.

We offer consultancy services that include audits, structured strategic reviews, employee surveys, progression plans and management support.

Dr. Gayle Avery [Highly experienced teacher, researcher, consultant and management practitioner]

Dr. Harry Bergsteiner  [Globally recognised thought leader, teacher, researcher]

with a team of committed, talented and highly trained experts.


The result has been a direct and positive impact on staff attraction and retention, improved leadership and management skills, and increased networking among the staff right across the business. The live sessions and online material encourage diversity of thinking, promote self-reflection and teamwork.

Helen Lloyd, RSEA Safety, Chief Human Resources Officer

Being a fast-paced and cyclic industry, sustainable leadership practices have helped us navigate challenges and establish a consistent working environment.
I attended an ISL study tour where I saw first-hand how businesses can operate in a sustainable and ethical way AND maximise profits.

Damian Lockwood, Director, Lockwood Flooring, Australia

Completing the course provided a real sense of achievement and I attribute this to the content being clear, well organised and the advantage of real time application. The fortnightly cohort call is an opportunity to listen and learn from professionals with similar interests and different industry perspectives.

Clint McKellar, Director of Business at Morgan Stanley

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to create and bolster a workplace culture that is simultaneously more broadly ethical, sustainable and profitable. I found the Sustainable Leadership Foundations course to be well-paced in small, incremental chunks which I was able to fit into my busy schedule.

Magdalena Ball, Head of Research & Innovation at Orica

I’ve loved the course’s learnings and interestingly for me, it has already changed my way of thinking. It got me to reflect on my kind of leadership, the actions I’m taking from the sustainability point of view. I truly enjoyed the Foundations in Sustainable Leadership course.

Trina Kazi, Gilmore Studio Practice Manager

What is Sustainable Leadership?

Dr. Avery, co-founder of ISL, explains in this short video.

Global practice and research continually demonstrate that Sustainable Leadership practices drive long-lasting economic, social and environmental benefits for organisations and the community.

Being more ethical adds 7% to both profits and return on assets, as well as benefiting society.

Training all employees can add 17% to your share price.

Companies built around purpose double their market value 4 times faster.


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Why choose ISL?

Our unique position bridging the theory and practice of Sustainable Leadership enables us to provide effective evidence-based solutions for organisational success, even during crises.

Our teaching know how

Some of the leading universities where ISL has delivered executive courses include:

  • China: CEIBS (China Europe International Business School)
  • Switzerland: Basel University; Zurich University of Applied Sciences
  • Germany: Mannheim University
  • Thailand: Mahidol University; NIDA
  • Australia: Macquarie University; Sydney University; Australian Catholic University

Our extensive experience

We have designed and taught executive courses in leadership for major clients, such as:

  • Allianz
  • Baxter Healthcare
  • Catholic social institutions
  • Datacom
  • McDonald’s
  • Munich Reinsurance Australia
  • Pfizer
  • Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Thailand Sustainable Development Foundation
  • Woolworths
  • G77

Our published research

ISL engages in wide-ranging research into the benefits of sustainable leadership practices.
Outcomes are published in books and articles in journals, such as:

  • Asia-Pacific J. of Human Resources
  • Asia-Pacific J. of Management
  • Journal of Business Ethics
  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Sustainability

Coming soon!

Sustainable Leadership for Executives

A 10-hour online course introducing Sustainable Leadership
to senior leaders.

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We support the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.

ISL has always argued, and has supporting evidence, that economic growth and financial success can be attained
as part of sustainably-led management. Learn more about the SDGs.