Shuttleworth, C.D., Aynsley, A.M.R. & Avery, G.C. 2008.

The role of reflection in leading ‘sustainable organizations’: A preliminary study.

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, 3(7), 187-194.

Reflection is hypothesized to underpin building a capacity for sustainability and longevity within organizations by allowing members to maintain congruence between what is espoused and what is done, and to question underlying values. Behavioural change may follow reflection. This paper investigates the role of reflection in four enterprises regarded as sustainable using Avery’s (2005) criteria.

Examples of reflection and their triggering events are analysed, based on information external to the firms followed by observations and discussions with management and staff. Reflection and their triggers seem to be linked to a long-term perspective and core values.

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