Avery, Gayle & Hooper, Narelle, 2017

How David Cooke implemented corporate social responsibility at Konica Minolta Australia
Strategy & Leadership, Vol. 45 Issue: 3, pp.38-44

This interview demonstrates how CEOs can focus on CSR to engage the workforce and change the culture and performance of an organization.

This article reports on an interview with Dr David Cooke, Managing Director of Konica Minolta Australia.

By introducing CSR to the firm, and in particular pursuing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #8 against human trafficking, the MD not only changed the management style and culture in the organization, but also enhanced commercial results. Performance improved across many measures: revenue, profit, market share in a declining marketplace, highest number of units placed into the Australian market, increasing prestige associated with the company’s brand, and becoming an employer of choice.

Research limitations/implications
The findings are consistent with the literature on corporate sustainable investment, but further studies are needed to fully understand the processes involved in changing culture and improving performance via CSR.

Practical implications
This interview clearly shows the steps that the new CEO took in radically changing the culture of his organization by adopting CSR extensively.

Social implications
The power of business is vital to pursuing societal goals, and the case of Konica Minolta Australia demonstrates that doing so also benefits the company.

This study clearly explains how a corporate culture was changed and performance enhanced through a strategy based on investment in social issues.

Keywords: Corporate social responsibility, Firm performance, Culture change, Sustainable development goals

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