gayle-harry-brochure-picDr. Gayle Avery and Dr.Harry Bergsteiner, founding directors of the Institute for Sustainable Leadership, have been selected to put together a training program aimed at widening the knowledge and application of the Thai Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP).

Following its chairmanship of the G77, Thailand is leading the development of a high-quality training program about its Sufficiency Economy Philosophy to perpetuate the learning started during G77 meetings in 2016. Such was the interest in SEP, that numerous G77 delegates indicated a desire for such a course, to learn more about transposing the ideas behind the philosophy into their own economic environments.

The overall program objectives are to:

  1. share knowledge and understanding of Thailand’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, with an emphasis on community development and business sector applications;
  2. provide attendees with the skills to apply and devise a SEP plan to suit local conditions in their home countries;
  3. promote international networking and support among participants.

Indirectly, the programme will also showcase some of the applications of SEP to diverse sectors in Thailand and highlight Thailand’s regional leadership in sufficiency thinking.

ISL is an Australian research-based entity whose founders have co-edited the recently published book, Sufficiency Thinking: Thailand’s Gift to an Unsustainable World (Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2016). As such, ISL is highly familiar with the SEP and the applications described by Thai contributors in that book. ISL has also developed several graphical models integrating the components of the SEP for research and teaching purposes. Furthermore, ISL is skilled and experienced in designing and delivering educational programs for the government, non-profit and business sectors. ISL additionally has considerable experience in managing field trips having operated 11 international study tours and another 11 international conferences.

The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of:

  1. Diplomats from G77 countries, particularly those in positions in supporting policy making and field implementation of SEP-related development activity.
  2. Senior executives from G77 governments, public, private and non-profit sectors.
  3. Australian participants to be funded under the new Colombo Plan for short study trips (see details at
  4. Citizens from Europe and specific countries e.g. Germany with exchange or scholarship programmes to fund their participation.
  5. Other interested persons from all over the world.

ISL, along with the Thailand Sustainable Development Foundation and the College of Management at Mahidol University, Thailand are already working on this exciting project, with a 2017 launch date.

For any further information on the Sufficiency Thinking in Development training program, please contact us.

Read the brochure on the Sufficiency Thinking in Development program (pdf)

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