ISL’s Dr. Gayle Avery and Dr. Harry Bergsteiner were honoured to be invited to address the United Nation’s Group of 77 meeting on 29 Feb in Bangkok.
For those that are not aware, the G-77 is the equivalent of the G-20 but for developing economies and it now has 134 member countries.

Thailand is the host nation for 2016 and the meeting had a round-table format focusing on the Sufficiency Economy and implementing Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. Avery’s talk was entitled “Using the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy to address Sustainable Development Goals”, and explained that the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) is an approach to sustainable development which could assist G-77 member countries to achieve the United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals. (SDGs).

Dr. Bergsteiner acted as the rapporteur, summarising and reporting on the proceedings of the day.

They also spoke with the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand, H.E. General Prayut Chan-o-cha (Ret.), who was there to give the opening welcome to the G-77 meeting, about ISL’s work in Thailand and our forthcoming book, Sufficiency Thinking: Thailand’s Gift to an Unsustainable World.

The photo below shows, from the right, Dr. Avery and Dr. Bergsteiner, the Prime Minister, Dr. Chirayu Na Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya and Dr. Priyanut Dharmapiya.
Dr. Chirayu is a keynote speaker at ISL’s forthcoming Symposium on Sustainable Leadership.

Dr. Avery addressing the G-77


Dr. Avery addressing the G-77, seated next to the Iranian Ambassador on the left and the Director of the UNAIDS Programme on the right of the photo.

Dr. Bergsteiner being thanked for his work of summing up at the G-77 meeting


Dr. Bergsteiner being thanked for his role as rapporteur by the Minister for Foreign Affairs in Thailand.