ISL congratulates the The Ethics Centre and Deloitte Access Economics on its recent economic modelling report which shows how being more ethical will benefit Australia economically as well as socially.

The report published in October 2020, called The Ethical Advantage: the economic and social benefits of ethics to Australia, outlines the advantages for the nation, for business and for individuals.

The authors calculate that lifting the levels of trust in Australia to those of global leaders would generate $45 billion more in GDP for the nation.

Improving a business’ ethical reputation can increase its return on assets by about 7%.

For individuals, enhancing ethical behaviour can increase individual wages by 2.7% on average.

Ethical behaviour is fundamental to organisations embracing Sustainable Leadership. It’s not just about always being perfect. Ethical behaviour is also displayed in the way an organisation responds when things go wrong.

Can’t we do better in the ethical sphere? What is stopping us from being more ethical?