We are delighted that Mr Frank Straub is keynote speaker at ISL’s 10th International Symposium on Sustainable Leadership in Dubrovnik, June 2-5.

Blanco company logo

photo of Frank StraubFrank Straub is representative of the 50% shareholding of family Blanc in the Board of E.G.O. Blanc and Fischer, a family group with revenues of about one billion Euro and about 8,000 employees.

Part of the Blanc and Fischer Group is Blanco and Blanco Professional, where Frank Straub is Chairman of the Boards.

Founded in 1925 by Straub’s grandfather, Blanco is Germany’s largest sink and mixer tap manufacturer with about 1300 employees. Active in over 120 countries, Blanco’s 2013 revenues were 293 million Euro, 63% of which came from international markets.

Blanco is run along honeybee principles, as is typical of Germany’s famous Familien firms. The company strives for excellence in quality, design, functionality, innovation and service, and has won numerous awards. For over 20 years, Blanco has employed an active Environmental and Hazardous Substances Officer and engaged in strong corporate social responsibility.

Educated in the USA and Germany and graduating with a degree in business, Frank Straub started working for Blanco in 1976. In 1985, he rose into management at Blanco, where he was CEO for 16 years. In 2009, he became Chairman of the Board.

Frank Straub is involved in numerous boards and charities and is politically engaged in the Federal Board of the Wirtschaftsrat (Economic Advisory Council) of the C.D.U., the federal party currently in government.

We look forward to hearing about Frank Straub’s experiences of leading a honeybee company.