The Institute for Sustainable Leadership enables organisational leaders to drive exceptional and sustainable economic, social and environmental outcomes, using our evidence-based knowledge.


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Sustainable leadership generates enduring value for all stakeholders, including investors, employees, customers, society, the environment and future generations.

  • We provide practical frameworks and tools for you to analyse how sustainable your current practices are.
  • We design tailored programs developed from our own research and global best practice.
  • We assist organisations, individuals and consultants in learning about, and becoming certified in, sustainable leadership.

Why partner with ISL?

Our unique position bridging the theory and the practice, enables us to provide practical evidence-based solutions for successful leadership.

Our university affiliations

Some of the leading universities where ISL founders have taught students and executives are:

– China: China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)
– Switzerland: University of Basel and University of Applied Sciences in Zurich
– Germany: Mannheim University
– Thailand: Mahidol University and the National Institute for Development Administration
– Australia: Macquarie University

Our corporate clients

We have designed and taught executive courses in leadership for major corporations in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, such as:

– Allianz
– Baxter Healthcare
– Datacom
– Munich Reinsurance Australia
– Pfizer
– Reserve Bank of Australia
– Thailand Sustainable Development Foundation
– Woolworths

Our published research

ISL engages in wide-ranging research into the benefits of sustainable leadership practices.
Outcomes are published in books and articles in journals, such as:

– Sustainability
– Asia-Pacific Journal of Management
– Journal of Business Ethics
– Strategy & Leadership

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About the Institute for Sustainable Leadership

Photo of Dr Gayle Avery

Some companies have already shown the way – being high performing while taking care of the planet and its inhabitants. They adopt an ethical, long-term approach that values all stakeholders. This is Sustainable Leadership.”

Dr. Gayle Avery
Director and senior consultant, The Institute for Sustainable Leadership

  • Highly experienced teacher, researcher, consultant and management practitioner
  • Works with the public, private, government and university sectors in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia
  • Pioneered the field of ‘sustainable leadership’ in business

If Australian governments and businesses adopted Sustainable Leadership practices, Australia could increase its productivity by up to $240 billion per year while protecting the environment and helping society. We can show you the way. ”

Dr. Harry Bergseiner
Director and senior consultant, The Institute for Sustainable Leadership

  • Globally recognised thought leader, teacher, researcher with an applied focus
  • Deep expertise in national competitiveness and sustainable leadership practices
  • Author, study tour leader and advisor to government and the private sector, particularly in Europe, Asia and Australia
Photo of Dr Harry Bergsteiner

Learn more about Sustainable Leadership

“A family owned and operated business, we at Lockwood Flooring are continuously aiming to break the mould and orientate our approach through ethical and sustainable leadership.

Our focus is on investing in our client’s vision, prioritising clear and consistent communication, thinking laterally and acting with integrity.

Being a fast-paced and cyclic industry, sustainable leadership practices have helped us navigate challenges and establish a consistent working environment.

We have found that by focusing on promoting a team culture, being mindful of our impact on the community and wider environment, and prioritising the health and safety of all involved, we have established a strong base to push on from. We are optimistic for the future!”

Damian Lockwood, Director

Damian Lockwood was inspired to transform his business after discussions with us on sustainable leadership practices.

He attended our 2019 study tour where he saw first-hand how businesses can operate in a sustainable and ethical way AND maximise profits.

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