The main courses on offer during 2021 are:

1. Foundations of Sustainable Leadership

The Foundations course in Sustainable Leadership provides participants with a common understanding of leadership.

Those who complete the Foundations course will be equipped to diagnose and improve leadership issues within their own team. This course is also the stepping stone to continue on to become a Licensed Practitioner.

Those who successfully complete the course receive a certificate as a Certified Foundation-level Practitioner.
Cost: A$750

2. Licensed Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership

The Licensed Practitioner course deepens your understanding of Sustainable Leadership and introduces the tools and frameworks for analysing leadership in organisations.

This course is intended for those wanting to add Sustainable Leadership to their skillset as a consultant or change agent, or to improve their own organisation directly. Those who successfully complete the course receive accreditation as a Licensed Practitioner.
Cost: A$3990

Full details on the programs running in our Virtual Classroom will be available soon.