Build up your knowledge and expertise from Foundation to Expert-level with our online courses:

  1. Foundation-level Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership
  2. Advanced-level Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership
  3. Expert-level Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership

The courses are ideal for:

  • Enhancing your knowledge and personal career development
  • Adding to your professional skillset
  • Changing your career direction to become a Licensed Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership

Level 1


Foundation-level Sustainable Leadership Practitioner

  • The Foundations in Sustainable Leadership course at this level is for those who want to practice Sustainable Leadership (SL) within their organisation for personal advancement at their workplace – such as managers, business owners, or entrepreneurs.
  • It is also for people looking for ways of improving their knowledge of leadership at the organisational level.
  • This level provides a broad understanding of Sustainable Leadership practices and outcomes.
  • Level-1 is a prerequisite step towards becoming a Level-2 Licensed Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership.

Level 2


Advanced-level Sustainable Leadership Practitioner

  • This course builds on the Level-1 Foundation course.
  • Focused on practice, the Advanced-level Practitioner pathway deepens your understanding of Sustainable Leadership and enables you to apply our advanced tools and frameworks in your own and in client organisations.
  • It enables you to add Sustainable Leadership to your skillset as a consultant, change agent, trainer, facilitator, manager, or to improve your own organisation directly.
  • At this level, you deepen your knowledge of Sustainable Leadership practices and use our advanced tools, while working closely with the ISL community.

Level 3

Thought leadership, theory and practice development

Expert-level Sustainable Leadership Certifier/Licensor and Developer

  • Designed for licensed graduates of the Level-2 course who have demonstrated advanced knowledge and expertise in applying SL frameworks and tools in a variety of situations.
  • The course expands your knowledge, skills and ability to apply Sustainable Leadership in client organisations.
  • As a Level-3 expert you will be able to instruct, mentor and certify Level-1 Foundation-level Practitioners and license Level-2 Advanced Practitioners in association with ISL.
  • At this level, you will be able to contribute to the development of Sustainable Leadership in theory, research and practice.


Level 1:  Certification – Foundation-level Sustainable Leadership Practitioner

The Certification course, Foundations in Sustainable Leadership, enables you to reach a solid level of understanding and knowledge in Sustainable Leadership which encourages high performance and resilience, while caring for people and the planet.

In this course, you complete online learning sessions starting with basic concepts, then you progress into understanding leadership culture and other aspects of Sustainable Leadership.

View the course learnings in detail

Foundation-level certification is achieved by:

  • Completing the (online) education classes and passing the quizzes for each module.
  • Reading the set materials and engaging in the recommended learning activities.
  • Passing an applied test on understanding Sustainable Leadership concepts.
  • Maintaining a reflection log: To make your development journey visible, we suggest that you begin by writing a personal statement about what you hope to achieve by the end of the course. You should fill out the reflection log at least weekly with details of your journey.

This achievement is recognised with a Certificate as a Foundation-level Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership issued by ISL.

Level 2:  Licensing – Advanced Level Sustainable Leadership Practitioner

The Advanced Practitioner builds on the Foundation-level course and deepens your understanding of Sustainable Leadership in practice. In particular, you will develop the capacity to effectively debrief ISL’s tools and frameworks. You will have the opportunity to practise with one of your own clients under the supervision of ISL or a Level-3 Expert SL Certifier/Licensor and Developer.

Access to the Licensed Practitioner course is by invitation, to ensure that people with the right experience, intentions and values become licensed with us. As a prerequisite to admission you must have completed the Foundation Level course to a satisfactory standard.

Once you are selected onto the course, the following steps are involved:

  • Continue the reflection log to reflect on your learnings and development throughout this course. Submit a summary of this log at the end of the course for our facilitators to review as part of assessing you for Level-2 graduation.
  • Undertake specified in-depth courses covering more about Sustainable Leadership and its tools and processes.
  • Choose an organisation or use an existing client of yours to apply your learnings as you go along.
  • Conduct a guided case study/strategic review. (Note: The results of this step can also be useful for approaching potential clients.)
  • Complete ISL’s questionnaire yourself about your chosen organisation based on the case study you have written. Then comment on the experience.
  • Assess your client using ISL’s questionnaire profile (we produce one basic report for this purpose for you free of charge).
  • Learn how to interpret the questionnaire profile.
  • Run a practice session presenting your results to ISL and/or Level-3 experts for feedback before presenting to your client.
  • Prepare a case study report based on your experience with your case and client.

Your achievement is recognised with the issue of a licence to practise in Sustainable Leadership using ISL’s materials and advanced tools, and the right to use the ISL Seal for Licensed Practitioners. Licensed Practitioners pay an annual licence fee, however, the first year’s licence fees are waived for participants in this course.

Level 3: Thought leadership, theory and practice development – Expert Sustainable Leadership Certifier/Licensor and Developer

Level-2 Licensed Practitioners who wish to enhance their and others’ knowledge and practice of Sustainable Leadership can apply for this tailored course.

As a Level-3 SL expert, you will demonstrate deep-level knowledge of SL, have the ability to use ISL’s advanced tools, and know how to use this knowledge and the tools to successfully assist clients in addressing volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations with confidence.

Further, this course enables you to advance thought leadership and innovation in Sustainable Leadership, including activities such as undertaking original research, developing case studies and new tools, and mentoring candidates in Levels 1 and 2.

Graduates are officially qualified to use the ISL Seal for Expert SL Certifiers/Licensors and Developers.


Becoming a licensed professional with ISL brings a range of benefits:

• Use of the accreditation signature mark
• Involvement in a community of like-minded professionals

• Priority access to ongoing research and IP to support your sustainable business development
• Opportunity to inform and support the direction of sustainable business models

• Access to ISL’s expertise for your clients
• Mentoring/advising available to you as you work with clients

• Availability of the ISL Founders to help you win projects or make presentations to Boards/corporate executive teams
• Expert training and train-the-trainer services


At Levels 2 and 3, the Institute for Sustainable Leadership (ISL) licenses Advanced Practitioners in Sustainable Leadership and Expert Practitioners in Sustainable Leadership. These practitioners are certified graduates of ISL’s education programs who go on to advise either their own or outside organisations on Sustainable Leadership practices, or to develop the field.

To support the ongoing professionalism of these activities, those who wish to maintain an ISL license after its three-year validity period must apply to ISL to relicense.

Relicensing enables ISL-certified practitioners to demonstrate that they remain active in their work practice and professional development, which provides quality assurance to the community and maintains a high standard of professionalism and currency in the field.

Activities for relicensing occur in two domains:

  1. Professional development (Skills development and knowledge)
  2. Work practice (Industry engagement)

How these requirements can be met is specified in our Recredentialling document.