The certification process is designed to create a community of practitioners and scholars who are committed to advancing the field of Sustainable Leadership.

Members of the community share common values and knowledge, which they are willing to share with clients and new members.

Members may seek to build their capability through a 3-step certification in Sustainable Leadership guided by ISL and Licensed Senior Practitioners.


Certification is offered for different participant needs.

Level 1

Certified Foundation-level Practitioner

  • This level is aimed at those who want to practise Sustainable Leadership within their organisation for personal use at their workplace, but not for corporate training or change management.
  • Ensures a basic understanding of Sustainable Leadership practices and outcomes.
  • This is the first step towards becoming a Level 2 Licensed Practitioner.

Level 2

Licensed Sustainable Leadership Practitioner

  • For those who intend to become licensed consultants, trainers, facilitators or individual managers applying Sustainable Leadership in an organisation.
  • At this stage, participants deepen their knowledge of Sustainable Leadership practices.
  • Learn how to use the tools to diagnose leadership within an organisation.

Level 3

Senior Sustainable Leadership Practitioner

  • Designed for licensed graduates of the Level–2 program who demonstrate an expert level of knowledge and expertise in applying the tools in a variety of situations.
  • Senior Practitioners will strive to expand the knowledge and applications of Sustainable Leadership.
  • Be able to instruct and certify Level 1 and Level 2 practitioners.


Level 1 – Certified Foundation-level Practitioner

The Foundation level is about ensuring that participants have reached a specified level of understanding and knowledge on Sustainable Leadership. The focus is primarily on completing a set of education courses around basic concepts. Foundation-level certification is achieved by:

(a) Maintaining a reflection log: To make one’s development journey visible, candidates begin by writing a personal statement about what they hope to achieve by the end of the course.  They fill out the reflection log at least weekly and submit it for review at the end of the Foundation-level program.

(b) Reading Diagnosing Sustainable and High-Performing Leadership plus other set readings.

(c) Attending the (online) education classes and passing the examinations for each module.

(d) Passing a written examination on understanding Sustainable Leadership concepts.

This achievement is recognised with a certificate of completion issued by ISL.

Level 2 – Licensed Sustainable Leadership Practitioner

The Level 2 Practitioner builds on the Foundation-level courses and deepens understanding of Sustainable Leadership in practice. In particular, participants develop the capacity to effectively debrief ISL’s tools, including the Sustainable Leadership Profile. At this level, candidates are expected to practise with an actual client under the supervision of ISL or a Level 3 Senior Sustainable Leadership Practitioner.

A candidate is licensed as a Level 2 Practitioner only when s/he has completed the following:

(a) The Foundation-level program to a satisfactory standard (prerequisite)

(b) A continuation of the reflection log to reflect on one’s learnings and development throughout the program. A summary of this log is submitted for instructors to review as part of assessing candidates for graduation.

(c) Specified in-depth courses on Sustainable Leadership and its tools and processes.

(d) A case study/strategic review using the Sustainable Leadership Model and a specified review framework. (The results of this step are useful for approaching potential clients.)

(e) Finding a client who will accompany them during this program.

(f) Completed the SLQ yourself and commented on it.

(g) Assessed your client using the SLQ (one basic report will be produced free of charge).

(h) Learned to interpret the SLQ Profile.

(i) Run a practice session presenting the results to ISL and Senior Practitioners for feedback before presenting to your client.

(j) A case study based on your experience with your client.

This achievement is recognised with the issue of a license to practise using ISL IP and tools, and the right to use the ISL Seal for Licensed Practitioners. The first year’s license fees are waived for new graduates.

Level 3 – Senior Sustainable Leadership Practitioner

This is a tailored program for individual Level 2 Licensed Practitioners who wish to proceed to advanced studies. Senior Practitioners demonstrate an expert level of knowledge and the ability to use ISL’s tools and deliver work to clients based on Sustainable Leadership. This program involves activities that contribute to developing thought leadership and innovation in Sustainable Leadership. It includes activities such as undertaking original research, developing case studies and new tools, and mentoring candidates in Levels 1 and 2.

The program content will be customised from activities such as:

(a) Conducting original research into Sustainable Leadership

(b) Developing new tools or techniques

(c) Giving an online presentation on (a) above, followed by Q&A to other Senior Practitioners and a select group of interested people, including those registered in the Levels 1 and 2 Practitioner certification/licensing program

(d) Supervising candidates in the Level 1 and 2 Practitioners program under guidance from ISL or other Senior Practitioners.

Upon completion of the Level 3 program, Senior Practitioners accept successful candidates into the community of Senior Practitioners. These practitioners are then eligible to take on supervisory roles for candidates at Levels 1 and 2. Graduates also gain the right to use the ISL Seal for Senior Practitioners.


At Practitioner Levels 2 and 3, licensed professionals need to show that they are active in the field and contributing to its advancement. This requires them to engage in a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education annually.

The professional development requirement can be satisfied by activities such as participating in approved courses, attending conferences/study tours or delivering supervision in the case of Senior Practitioners.

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